Lisa Lipps From Big Sausage Pizza

Lisa Lipps is at it again and very hungry for some pizza and a hot big dick. She knows what she really wants and the pizza boy is all good up and ready to go to experience the blowjob of his life.

She makes the pizza boy feel very comfortable on the sofa and Lisa Lipps makes sure that he gets the whole picture by seducing him thoroughly. He is in for a banged up job of his life brought to him by the gorgeous Lisa Lipps.

See? What did I tell you? When Lisa Lipps is around, you can really expect great and horny things from her. She is ready to suck that scrumptious dick sponsored by the pizza boy.

Now its mine, says Lisa Lipps. Let’s see how it tastes like. It really tastes better than the ordered pizza, I’m sure of it. Love that long and hard dick! It’s mine and mine alone! I love the pizza boy!

More! Suck that dick nice and hard. Yes, that the stuff. Suck it long and hard. Lisa Lipps is very good when it comes to heavy dicks loaded with nice and delicious cum. Keep on with the pace and suck some more.

Lisa Shows Her Big Tits To the Pizza Guy

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